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Electrical Traced Tubing

About Electrical Heat Traced Tubing

Electrical heat traced tubing is a system used to maintain the temperature of the sample or fluid flowing inside the tubing. In this system electric heating is achieved by utilizing a resistance based heating cables, which runs parallel to the tubing, that generates heat and compensate the heat loss, thus prevent temperature drop and maintains process temperature inside the tubing.

Depending on the application various types of electrical heat traced tubing bundles are available i.e with parallel constant wattage heating cables, with self-regulating heating cables, with power limiting heating cables, with series heating cables, etc.

Types of Electrical Heat Traced Tubing
1. Electrical traced tubing with constant wattage heating cable:-

Traceline with constant wattage heating cables is used for maintaining temperature upto 200°C and Max. exposure temperature upto 260°C. The key benefits are:-

  • They are cut to length.
  • Constant power output is available.
  • No need for over sizing the CB as no inrush current at startup.
2. Electrical heat traced tubing with Self regulating heating cable:-

Traceline with self regulating heating cables is used for maintaining temperature upto 121°C and Max. Exposure temperature upto 250°C. The key benefits are:-

  • They are cut to length.
  • Variable output with change in the surrounding temperatures.
  • Less chances of overheating.

More alternatives are available based upon the requirements.

  • Time- and cost-saving installation.
  • As quick and easy to install as an energy cable, which reduces the installation cost.
  • Available in very long lengths which reduce wastages due to fewer fittings and less material wastage.
  • Reduced assembling steps.
  • Less space requirements.
  • Maintenance-free and well protected against mechanical damage, abrasion and corrosion.
  • Approved to be used in hazardous areas.
  • Analyser Sampling Lines

    Process Analysers - Emission Monitoring Systems - Gas Chromatographs

  • Instrumentation Impulse Lines

    Flow Transmitters - Pressure Transmitters - Level Transmitters

Rating & Performance

Techwin International pre-insulated tubes and tube bundles maintains outer jacket temperature(personnel protection temperature) under 60°C and maintains inner process (fluid) temperature over 204°C. We use insulation material as fiber glass, aerogel that endures over 1200°F (649°C).


We use non-hygroscopic fiber glass insulation in normal cases and where there are high process temperatures i.e over 400°C, we use aerogel insulation. For more specific insulation details kindly contact our representatives.

Outer FR-PVC Jacket

We use UV resistant FR-PVC Jacket that protects the tubing against corrosive atmospheres, water, oils, acids, alkalies and most chemicals. Min./Max. allowable exposure temperature is -40~105°C, allowable surface temperature is 80°C.

  1. Type of bundle:

    EHTL – Electrical Heat Traced Line

  2. No. of process tubes:

    01 – Single, or 02 – Two, more option available

  3. Tube material:

    PTFE- Poly Tetra Fluoro Ethylene, or SSS – Stainless Steel Seamless, or SSW – Stainless Steel Welded, more option available

  4. Tube Size (OD):

    01 - 1/8”, 02 - 1/4”, 03 - 3/8”, 04 - 1/2”, 05 - 3/4”, 06 - 6mm, 07 - 8mm, 08 - 10mm, 09 - 12mm

  5. Tube Wall Thickness:

    A - 0.035”, B - 0.040”, C - 0.049”, D - 0.062”, E - 0.065”, F - 1mm, G - 1.25mm, H - 1.5mm

  6. Heating cable:

    CWC – Constant Wattage Cable, or SRLT – Self-Regulating Low Temperature, or SRMT – Self-Regulating Medium Temperature, or SRHT - Self Regulating High Temperature, or PLC - Power Limiting Cable

  7. Power output:

    01 - 16 W/m, or 02 - 25 W/m, or 03 - 33 W/m, or 04 - 45 W/m, or 05 - 60W/m, or 06 - 66 W/m

  8. Insulation Material:

    FG- Fiber Glass, or TF-Thermal Fleece, or SF- Silicon Foam, or AG - Aerogel

  9. Outer Jacket:

    PVC-Extruded PVC, or TPU-Extruded TPU , or PA - PA corrugated , or TPE-Extruded TPE

Heat traced line with various heating cable technology Constant Wattage Self Regulating heating cable Power-Limiting
Max. Maintain T 200°C 65°C 110°C 121°C 230°C
Max. Exposure T 250°C 85°C 110°C 250°C 260°C
T-class By design T6 T4 T3 (T2-20XTV) By design
Max. Circuit Length 150m 200m 115m 245m 450m
Max Power Output @ 10°C 60W/m 30W/m 66W/m 66W/m 66W/m
Nominal Voltage 230V 230Vac 230Vac 230Vac 230V
  • TPK : Jacket Patch Kit
  • TEKS : Entry Seal Kit
  • TEKS-H1/H2/H3/M1/M2 : Heat Shrinkable Entry Boots
  • TJB – P / E : Power and End connection for one heating cable in non-hazardous and hazardous locations.
  • TSK : Splice kit for heating cables in non-hazardous and hazardous locations.
  • TMT: Thermostat for non-hazardous and hazardous locations
  • RTD: Temperature Sensor

Techwin International's Traceline is not limited to temperature maintenance application. The concept can also be deployed in applications that require water or another fluid to be kept above the specified temperature, even when there is no risk of freezing but requires freeze protection.


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