Product Overview

Product Overview

Heat Traced Tubing Bundle

Process and analyser sample lines that carry samples and process liquid and gases, which are susceptible to condensation, adsorption, reduction in viscosity, etc. These samples are required to be delivered to analyser at required maintained temperature, and in some cases for freeze protection. For these application, Traceline tubes and tube bundles are available with steam or electrical tracing.

Pre Insulated Tubing

Techwin International pre-insulated tubings are designed specifically for smaller steam, condensate, liquid and gas transport lines where the low temperature drops are due to low heat losses. To avoid heat loss, the tubes are pre insulated with thermal insulation made of several layers and protected by one of a range of jacket materials in accordance with client requirements. This offers an inexpensive alternative to field insulation and weatherproofing of small diameter lines.

Coated Tubes

Techwin International coated tubes are designed for tubes which are installed in corrosive environment. Industry standard tubing coated with PVC outer jacket that provides increased protection against galvanic and atmospheric corrosion as well as additionally provides cushioning against wear and tear of the tubes.

Our Product Portfolio

Techwin International's Traceline is not limited to temperature maintenance application. The concept can also be deployed in applications that require water or another fluid to be keptĀ above the specified temperature, even when there is no risk of freezing but requires freeze protection.


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